Almost Home, the book

ALMOST HOME: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope tells the stories of six extraordinary young people who, despite almost unimaginable suffering and adversity, exceeded almost everyone’s expectations.

What a blessing it is that hope, our biggest weapon against the streets, is so contagious.

—Kevin Ryan, Author of Almost Home


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Too many homeless kids have been cast aside by the people closest to them, but they show a loyalty and a generosity that could make them the cornerstones of a wiser, more compassionate future.

So often we allow our inability to do the big things undermine our determination to do the small things, those acts of kindness, decency and love that in their aggregate make powerful change.

What does home mean to a homeless child?

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Meet the Authors

Kevin & Tina

Covenant House President Kevin Ryan and Tina Kelley, former The New York Times reporter, expose some of the most egregious problems impacting at-risk youth.

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A Few Words from
Cory Booker


“I have a stubborn faith in us as a community and nation. …I believe, collectively, we will break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.”
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Cory Booker
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